Road Owl

18FT Road Owl Ensuite ( RO18E)

18FT Road Owl Ensuite

Encompassing a spacious full ensuite and queen bed with innerspring mattress this
van is perfect for the up and go couple. The commodious kitchen comprises of 164L
fridge, microwave and cafe dinette.
The Road Owl will provide you the opportunity to begin your caravanning journey with
New Age Caravans and start enjoying the great outdoors!

18FT Road Owl Ensuite ( RO18E)

Length Including A-Frame 7237mm
Length Including Bumper 7587mm
Width Including Awning 2500mm
Average Tare Height 1790-1850kg
Average Tow Ball Weight 170-190kg
Average Height Excluding AC 2800mm

*Heights and weights are calculated as an average and may not be exact. Actual physical heights and weights will vary depending on options, extras and upgrades.